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DownBeat April 2021 issue featuring GapCap as #5 in their Gear Showcase list of 25 Noteworthy New Products from NAMM's Believe In Musicxophonist Magazine

GapCap saxophone end cap is the 2020 Product of The Year from Saxophonist MagazineKey Leaves - saxophone product of the year 2018 awarded by The Saxophonist Magazine


Key Leaves - Best Instrument Care Tool - School Band & Orchestra Magazine

Key Leaves - Best In Show at The NAMM Show 2019 in the category of Best Band and Orchestra Accessory

Key Leaves is the best way to fix sticky saxophone pads. Music Inc Magazine gave it the product excellence award 2019 from the readers poll of innovative companies.

Downbeat jazz magazine recommends Key Leaves saxophone care products to fix sticking sax key pads including G sharp, C sharp and D sharp E flat.

Jazzwise magazine recommends Key Leaves saxophone care products to fix sticking G# pads and prevent pad rot and extend and preserve sax pad life.

Karel Goetghebeur holding an Adolphe Sax brand alto saxophone

"Key Leaves are mandatory for my clients. They get them with every sax they buy. My rentals too. I saw a saxophone of a client that plays a lot [and uses Key Leaves care products] and when he had his yearly check up his pads looked like I just cleaned them.” - Karel Goetghebeur (Saxophone Maker, Repair Tech, Founder & Managing Director of Adolphe Sax & Cie.

Spit Sponge and  GapCap won Outstanding Product ratings from The Saxophonist Magazine
Key Leaves sax key props and Vent Vine won Outstanding Product rating from The Saxophonist Magazine
Key Leaves sax key props and Vent Vine won Outstanding Product ratings from The Saxophonist Magazine.


The Christian McBride saxophone section uses and recommends Key Leaves saxophone key props to prevent sticking sax pads and extend pad life
The Christian McBride Big Band sax section recommends Key Leaves saxophone care products. Photo at Dizzy's Jazz Club, June 2019. L to R: Dan Pratt, Carl Maraghi, Ron Blake, Lakecia Benjamin (subbing but also a Key Leaves endorser), and Todd Bashore. Not present is section leader, Steve Wilson. 


"The [RULON Palm Key Removal Kit] is great... Anybody who wants to help a young saxophone player get off to an easier start can do so... Great job on this one!" - Jay Metcalf,

Jay Metcalf from testing the RULON Alto Saxophone Palm Key Removal Kit to help small hands begin learning sax


World's Biggest Saxophone Shop ❤️ Key Leaves! 

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Meet more of the world-class repair techs, teachers and pro players who recommend Key Leaves.

"This whole concept, it's really a good concept. As a repairer, the concept of holding the keys open is really a nice thing to let the pad leather dry." - Curt Altarac, Foudner of

"These are a life safer for pads." - Edgar Guadiana, Long Beach Woodwinds

"Have been using the Vent Vine and the key props at c#-g# since March on my Buffet Senzo saxophone and couldn’t be happier with the product. Nonstick pads forever! If your horn has problems with sticky pads due to humidity or just normal playing, you need to get these!! - Diane Hunger (concert saxophonist)

"I use these on all my saxophones! These Key Leaves do exactly what they say they're supposed to do." - Jay Metcalf of

"I repair saxophones and am a teacher in the area... I think these products are absolutely fantastic." - Alex Singleton (repair tech / teacher)

"Overall I think Key Leaves are an excellent value and present some wonderful benefits for saxophonists for a low price." - Joshua Heaney (saxophonist / educator)

"The short of it is that Key Leaves are a no-brainer for saxophonists of all ages. After using the Key Leaves on alto and soprano, as well as the Vent Vine, I can say for certain that these products are not only well designed and made, but they are a true necessity for maintaining any saxophone. With Key Leaves’ products, I no longer have issues with any pads sticking, or making “sticky” noises while I play. Every time I teach a masterclass in Texas I get asked about the “weird green things” I’m putting on my saxophone and I’m always happy to share these products and recommend them to students." - Sarah Hetrick (Saxophonist, Educator, Arts Administrator)

"Diggin' the newly acquired Key Leaves! Sticky C#, G#, and Eb BE GONE!  Next up, the Vine for the palm keys! Thanks Key Leaves for one helluva product!" - Kevin J. Stewart (Solo Artist, Professor of Saxophone at UC Davis)

"I have struggled with sticky G# keys for a long, long, long, long time...however since I've been using the the Key Leaves I've not had a sticky G# key. Fantastic!" [watch video here- Dan Forshaw (Cambridge Sax / YouTube Sax Vlogger / Teacher)

"I’ve been using Key Leaves since the NAMM show after a friend recommended the products to me. I have to say, they’re doing a lot of great things for me. No sticky G#/C# keys!!! I have so much less to worry about when I’m using these products. It makes my stage life easier." 
- Ryan Saranich (Saxophonist/Multi-Instrumentalist/Brit Floyd)

"Thank you for this amazing product! I really don’t know how I ever lived without it, and I’ve even got my students using key leaves as well. I haven’t had a sticky C#, G#, or Eb since I started using them on my alto, it’s remarkable, especially considering Austin’s erratic and humid weather."
- Benjamin Kessler (Austin Saxophone Ensemble)

"I truly love this product. I wish I had this 10 years ago!" 
- Sean Imboden

"I have been using the Key Leaves and it has been saving my horn this whole tour!!!"
- Lito Hernandez

"I have about 55 private students that I see every week... Key Leaves are a great way for them to not only prevent sticky keys... they can take the two seconds to put in their Key Leaves and make sure their horn is in peak condition for when they play it next."
- Elizabeth Rosinbum

"Nerd Alert - but I am IN LOVE WITH my new Key Leaves. They’re keeping my Mark VI going more than strong on this tour. If you play saxophone you really should get purchasing."
- Christopher Duffin

"No more sticky keys!"
- Tino Martinez

"I'm pleased with the Vent Vine and Key Leaves. My body chemistry has always been hard on my horns. I have learned over the years that I have to clean, oil and maintain my instrument more than most players in order to keep my horns in good playing conditions. These products have made my job easier. I'm thankful."
- P. Manzell Bledsoe

"Loving my Key Leaves which proved my skepticism wrong."
- Jcam_44

"I have NEVER had a sticky key since I stared using them. love everything about Key Leaves!"
- Jacob Peery

"They help keep the pads from sticking and work well."
- Neil Battaglia

"Key Leaves keep the body and pads on your saxophone clean and dry. While I don't personally play sax, I can tell you as a repair tech that keeping your sax clean means less maintenance needed, and less money spent in the long run."
- Andrew Kagerer - Band Instrument Repair Tech

"Really loving these Key Leaves on my tenor, alto, and soprano. Even tried them for a while, went back to nothing for a few days, and used them again to be sure. They work."
- Brady Leafloor

"If you're looking for a really simple solution to a universal saxophone problem which is the sticky G# key, I highly recommend Key Leaves."
- Scott Paddock

"I've been using your product on my tenor and love it. 
- Bob Hemenger

"These are brilliant - they work. Easy to use and cool."
- Tim Price

"No sticky C#, G# or D#’s after last nights hot & humid gig. Woohoo!"
- Al Homicz

"Seriously, if you play saxophone you should buy Key Leaves. I've been using mine for a week and the improvements I've seen in my horn are so amazing."
- James McCarthy

"No sticky keys since I started using Key Leaves! These are so great! I've been so impressed with the fact that I haven't needed any powder paper! I've been showing them off to every sax player I work with!"
- Richard Page

"I have been using Key Leaves for five days, and I have to say that they are so simple and yet, they are very effective. The soft material is gentle on the finish of my VI and the product does what it says it does. I place the key leaves after swabbing and the pads are allowed to dry and do not stick or rot. I have tried all sorts of pad powders, papers, etc., and other than key leaves, I have only found one that worked. Good riddance, sticky G#/C#/Eb pads (-among others). Thanks, Rulon Brown!"
Jordan VanHemert

"I’m an Air Force Veteran and after fixing and working with aircraft for 20 years I am a believer In preventative maintenance.  Pads are expensive and the labor to replace them is equally as costly so I ordered the Key Leaves to prolong the life of the pads while keeping my new Eastman 52nd Street sax aired out." 
- Brian M.

"This sax will never know a sticky G# or pad rot."
- David Bissell

"Really digging my new Key Leaves!"
- Samuel Lock

"I use Key Leaves on my horns because they help keep keys from sticking and will extend the life of some of my pads." 
- Andy Austin

"I got the Key Leaves from St. John's (Canada)... Having used them for a few weeks, I am happy with them. On my alto, the C# is really bad for sticking. I've even asked the shop to add strength to the C# spring which they did. It still sticks. After using Key Leaves for a few weeks, that problem is gone. I can even 'press down' on the C# key and it won't stick."
- Bruce W.

"These things are amazing!"
- Michael Hernandez (MANA Quartet / San José State University)

" a set of Key Leaves to use on my horn! I love 'em already!"
- Candido Abeyta (Sax player for Neon Trees)

"Every saxophone player should know about this. Keeps pads from sticking and rotting. I have one and I love it. It's gonna save me money."
- Tina Richerson

"A few months ago I got a set of Key Leaves and have been very pleased with the results! I saw @saxspy posting about these and thought I’d give it a try. The usual suspects (C#, G#, D#) were always sticking, even though I had maintained the horn well. Now my frustrations are a thing of the past and I get to keep my dollar bills in my pocket instead of my case."
- Alex Sadnik

"Haven't had a sticky pad since! Big thanks to Key Leaves... They work great on all of our vintage and newer horns."
- Big Blitz Band

"Less repairs, less sticky keys, less pad rot, less corrosion."
- Blue_Saxy

 "The sax key props helps with proper ventilation and dry out the instrument. It takes care of those darn sticky keys! I have not had any sticky keys since I've started using them."

- Jose Guerra III

"I think these [Key Leaves sax key props and Spit Sponge pad dryers] are really handy products and extend the life of your pads."

- Rick Keller

 "I've been using Key Leaves for a few years now and they are great!"

- Matt Carmichael

"I've switched over to the GapCap and stopped making my own because I like how easy it is and how it keeps the horn safe in the case with a tight fit, even on the alto protec which is a massive gap."

- Derek Crane

"I've been packing up my alto using Key Leaves and it's been awesome! Amazing night after night on tour keeping the low C#, Eb, and G# from sticking."

- Jesse Molley, Saxophonist for The Midnight

"Key Leaves are paramount to keeping my pads in good shape in tropical climates. Shout out to JL Woodwinds for making the best, most protective fiber shell & custom-fit interior cases in the world. Thank you Rulon Brown and John Leadbetter!"

- Chelsea Baratz