Is it good to open saxophone pads to dry with Key Leaves?

We took 2 identical saxophones…
200 hours of play each…
No swab cleaning…
Eat during play…
For 12 months…

Low Eb/D# Saxophone pads comparison showing sticky pad rot without Key Leaves sax key props and clean healthy pad leather with Key Leaves saxophone key props

Eb pad

Inside of saxophone neck tubes. One has bacteria and yeast corroding the metal and the sax using Key Leaves products has much less metal corrosion and sticky grime.

Neck Tube

Saxophone palm key tone hole that is dirty and sticky compared with a clean tone hole that used Key Leaves Vent Vine™ to prevent sticky pads

High F tone hole

Comparison of the inside bow of identical saxophones. The sax without Key Leaves care products became sticky and attracted more dust, lint and bacteria than the sax that used Key Leaves sax care products and stayed cleaner.

Bell Bow

98% Fewer Stuck Pads using Key Leaves products alone! Results are even better when used as directed with swab cleaning.

Saxophone player Timothy McAllister recommends Key Leaves

Pros Trust Key Leaves