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"You wouldn't believe how Texan sax players struggle with sticky C# keys. Key Leaves prevent sticky sax pad problems!”
Saxophone Academy Austin, Baylor University, President of North American Saxophone Alliance

"I use Key Leaves whenever my horns are not being played and I recommend them to all my students!"
Director of the Middle School Jazz Academy at Jazz at Lincoln Center, Director at Newark Academy

"My students are always complaining about their sticky keys, with this product it took away their complaints and solves their sticky key problems!”
- Tina Wang
Vancouver Academy of Music
Phoenix Music Academy

Sound your best for less than a box of reeds.

Our success was only possible because great teachers and music programs inspired creativity in us. So we work with music teachers, students and schools to protect valuable instruments, reduce repair expense, and keep kids healthy and inspired by music. Students should be playing in band not sitting out while the instrument is at the repair shop. Contact us about institutional discounts, partnerships and co-branding.

Click above and this 20% savings is automatically added at check out so you can protect all your alto, tenor, bari or bass saxophones. Remember.. baritone saxes can't be swab cleaned so Key Leaves help you protect bari saxes from sticky pad rot and expensive repair.

Troy University Jazz Band uses Key Leaves care products to prevent sticky pad leather and key malfunction. Stop sticky G#. Stop sticky Eb pad, Stop sticking C# pad leather.
The best way to prevent sticking sax key pads is Key Leaves care products that leave open the pad leather to dry cleaner without key malfunction.

Example from Julius Tolentino Summer Jazz Camps

Queens University Trusts Key Leaves!

“Historically, C# has been a problematic pad for being stuck at the most inopportune moments. The innovative design of these Key Leaves not only addresses C# but prevents G# from sticking and opens up E-flat to promote pad longevity. These Key Leaves fit all soprano saxophones - straight or curved!” - Jeffrey Leung (Classical Saxophonist, Associate Director of International Saxophone Academy)