Sax Key Props

Vent Vine™

for Soprano

Key Leaves® brand saxophone key props stop sticky key pads by leaving them open to dry clean
  • Stop sticky sax keys and reduce repair with Key Leaves.
  • Proven to Totally Eliminate severe key sticking and reduce all other sticky sax keys by 98% – Key Leaves patent pending sax care products are the best way to stop sticky saxophone keys.
  • Key Leaves products increase airflow to the saxophone body and key pads, decreasing growth of bacteria, yeast, virus and fungus that rots your sax and endangers health.
  • No messy pad powders, chemicals, liquids or wasteful disposables. Key Leaves offers the most effective & natural saxophone care.
  • Key Leaves products work for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bari and C Melody saxophone.
Vent Vine™ by Key Leaves™