Report Fakes

Blue Key Leaves saxophone key prop product fake made in china also in pink and black color silicone rubber. If that is actually what they make it of. The photo shows the leaf shape prop with torn edges and cheap construction. This low cost Key Leaves fake is sold on and and and by Arnold Wang of Eastern Music and Tide International Co., Ltd.Key Leaves is a small family business working every day to innovate and bring you powerful products you can trust.  Don't let lazy criminal fake makers steal that from you and our shared music community!

  • USE THIS CONFIDENTIAL FORM TO REPORT SUSPICIOUS PRODUCTS so we can work with the FBI and other authorities to fight these criminal gangs.
  • Flag and report ads, videos and images showing fake products when they show up on your social media or web searches. You don't have to tolerate social media ads from criminals making garbage fakes.
  • Tell Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon and eBay to block fakes. These mega companies make billions of dollars from ad money they collect from professional counterfeit rings they know are stealing from legal businesses. Key Leaves does all we can to report the theft to these multi-billion dollar companies running the sites but it's their job to help do something about it. Keep the pressure on big billion dollar tech platforms to do what is right by you and the legal small businesses you support.
  • Always buy from the genuine product maker and official dealers.


Key Leaves founder Rulon Brown with wife Kristen

We appreciate your help in maintaining the integrity and quality of the Key Leaves brand.


Rulon & Kristen

PS - Counterfeiters are lazy and selfish and will keep doing what they do until it becomes personally uncomfortable or risky. Let's continue to speak up and speak out however we can. That is our shared voice and power as musicians and citizens who support creativity and innovation. Thank you!