Tim's Music in Sacramento, California has a Key Leaves display at their repair counter for product demo and cross-selling at time of repair.

Become a Key Leaves Dealer

Our family business thrives because we honor our family of dealers and distributors. The first job our founder had was learning to repair and sell band instruments at his local music store. Many of our team members have worked in music retail and/or brick-mortar sales. We know the great service that a music store brings to a community so our goal is simple...

Make great products musicians love then help dealers sell in a way that builds businesses and lasting relationships.

Fast order fulfillment
Great pricing + bulk discounts
Co-branding available to help grow your brand
Free demo product, signage and stickers on 1st order
Award-winning products for rental, repair cross-sell
Dealer Toolkit filled with videos, pics & sales support

Jim Cheek of Sax.Co.UK recommends Key Leaves saxophone care products to prevent and cure sticking sax key pads including G#, Eb, C# and more.

"We keep our co-branded Key Leaves product by the register because they sell so well." - Jim Cheek, Director of Sax.Co.UK

Karel Goetghebeur holding an Adolphe Sax alto saxophone

"Key Leaves are mandatory for my clients. They get them with every sax they buy. My rentals too.” - Karel Goetghebeur - Repair Tech, Founder & Managing Director of Adolphe Sax & Cie

Put your logo or brand on the Key Leaves saxophone key props for a unique marketing opportunity seen and touched by saxophone players twice every time they play their sax.


Saxophone repair tech Dan Hansen recommends Key Leaves care products

"I recommend them with every repad or extensive play condition and I sell at close to a 75% success rate or better!" - Dan Hansen - Summerhays Music in Murray, Utah


Key Leaves saxophone care and cleaning products are the best way to care for your sax. Made with pride, this family business was started by Rulon and Kristen Brown

Learn how our family business can grow your band accessory business!