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We are musicians
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KEY LEAVES is a Seattle-based family business specializing in woodwind care products that leave keys open to dry clean.  Key Leaves was founded by Rulon Brown, a professional sax player who grew up fixing horns at his local music store. Like all saxophonists, he ran into the problem of sticky key pads that cause playing malfunction and costly repair. So he created natural-care products that leave keys open to dry clean. The results are outstanding!

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  • The Commons
  • Health
  • U.S.A Made
  • Design

Ever heard of the commons? It’s all the great stuff we share, like air, water, and a habitable earth. These resources are held in common, not owned privately. We take this truth to heart and our President even wrote a song about caring for the commons.

Because woodwind key pads are expensive, can’t be repaired, and are costly to replace, we are glad to be able to help musicians toss fewer pads on the trash heap. It’s a good day when we can help you sound your best, save our planet, and save $green$ along the way.

We care enough to:
  • Design for durability & washability for years of use and re-use.
  • Use sustainable or recyclable material in our products and packaging.
  • Recycle 99% of our scrap material. Ethical manufacturing is important to us and our scrap silicone is used to make industrial lubricants that other manufacturers need.
  • Research new methods for simpler, cleaner, more effective products.

Spit happens and it is nasty! Yeast, bacteria, fungus and virus grow in moist dark places and can destroy your horn and damage your health. So we make all our manufacturing decisions with the goal of healthy horns AND healthy players. Key Leaves products are raising higher standards of instrument care around the world.

We support the creativity, technical ability, and industry of our community and are proud to make all our Key Leaves products in the U.S.A.

Special thanks to:
The amazing family and friends who make Key Leaves possible: Kristen, Ron, Cindy, Jason, Dayna Brown, Mike, Jonathan Stapley, Paul Rucker, Gene Ann, Deborah, Jeanette, Taylor, Nick, Bruce, Kevin, John & Barbara Kagerer, Teresa & Dave Hoskins, Elin & Rich, Terry, Rich Bell, Lee, Sean Aydlott, and many more.

Big shout out to:

  • Tim, Heather & Joyce at Baker Hostetler
  • John W. Hubbard at
  • Shon Hancock for his radical design mentorship
  • Megan and Alex for gettin’ it done!

Great design is simple, useful and human centered. So we use state-of-the-art modeling and manufacturing methods to create the tools that music teachers, players and students need. We feel honored to see Key Leaves’ patents pending inventions helping musicians around the world. 

Hear what players and repair techs think about Key Leaves

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“Key Leaves keep the body and pads on any saxophone clean and dry. While I don't personally play sax, I can tell you as a repair tech that keeping your sax clean means less maintenance needed, and less money spent in the long run. ”

Andrew Kagerer Repair Tech / Trumpet Player

“Key Leaves have quickly become my most valued saxophone care product, completely eliminating the sticky pads that have plagued myself and my students.”

Nick Torretta Saxophonist / Composer

“Essential for every saxophone player... easy to use, fit perfectly in my case and I never have to worry about the embarrassing moment of playing the wrong note because a key stuck shut.”

Tina Richerson Saxophonist / Composer

“Every sax player who owns their own horn needs Key Leaves. I recommend them to colleagues and students because they actually solve the root problem of sticky pads and work on a wide variety of saxophones.”

Jay C. Easton Winds Player / Rare Sax Collector / Composer

“As a woodwind doubler who switches instruments frequently in pit orchestras, I struggle with sticking keys. This device has made all the difference in the world, particularly on soprano sax. Key Leaves keeps the keys working great.”

Bruce Carpenter Woodwinds Doubler for Studio / Musicals