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RULON Ergonomic Saxophone Thumb Rest - Rhodium Plate

RULON Ergonomic Saxophone Thumb Rest - Rhodium Plate

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White Rhodium plated RULON saxophone rest designed by Key Leaves Founder, Rulon Brown, is the perfect pair for silver plated saxes.

Don't let pain from uncomfortable sax thumb hooks or awkward reaches stop your music. The RULON ergonomic saxophone thumb rest removes right thumb hook tension and gives you radical rotation for small or large hands. It adjusts to fit all hand sizes and sax types, and frees your hand and wrist for total comfort. 

  • Works with all saxophones that use screw mounted thumb hooks, including soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, and bari saxophone.
  • Children with small hands use this to avoid bumping side Bb and C keys while they play and learn.
  • Big hands with large thumbs can hold the sax in a relaxed hand position, not cramped under tight fitting saxophone thumb hooks.
  • Small hands can rest naturally on the saxophone and pivot faster to reach the high E key and low C key.
  • Replaces uncomfortable saxophone thumb hooks and adjusts to fit any size hand, thumb, or grip. No more hand cramp, wrist pain, or thumb ache while playing saxophone!
  • Ergonomic saxophone thumb rest design for comfortable pain-free playing
  • Made in USA from rigid fiber-reinforced nylon - not cheap flexible plastics that feel slippery to the touch.

Also available in Gold Plate, Carbon Fiber, Raw Brass, or Plastic.

    Rulon Brown believes a healthy saxophone grip is so important, we offer a wood trial version of the RULON ergonomic sax rest for just $2. 

    Made in USA. Patent Pending.

    Brass Warning
    "Lead-free” brass may still contain trace amounts of lead, but no more than the 0.25% mandated by the law. Normal Brass can legally contain up to 8% lead. The brass used in our thumb rests contain less than 0.01% lead. 

    California requires the following notice:

     WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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