GapCap wins "Outstanding Product" rating from The Saxophonist Magazine

GapCap wins "Outstanding Product" rating from The Saxophonist Magazine

The Saxophonist Magazine shared a detailed product review of the GapCap™ saxophone end cap and gave it their OUTSTANDING PRODUCT designation.

"The GapCap is really ingenious!" said saxophonist and editor of The Saxophonist Magazine, Paul Haar, who tested the GapCap with his new Yanagisawa saxophone and Protec ProPac case.

"Here's what I love... all I have to do is touch the sides and it slides into the saxophone. If I need it longer I can thread it out or in thus tailoring the fit into the saxophone."

"if the horn should take a massive hit... the flex that this cap has is going to act like a shock absorber."

"This thing is wonderful! Between the GapCap, Spit Sponge and of course the Key Leaves [sax key props], these are three inexpensive products that are going to extend the life of your saxophone."

"[GapCap] is gonna save a lot of people a lot of damage in a lot of cases. I have a really dear friend of mine who has an amazing collection of vintage saxophones and he wants to keep them in their original cases. Well those original cases were never very good for saxophones. And he has a lot of play and he doesn't want to take his Super Balanced Action, or his Balanced Action, or his mark vi and have them jolting around in his case. He can get one of these GapCap[s] for each one of his horns, adjust them to the fit he wants, those horns are not going to be moving, they're locked in the case. This is really a mind blower and it is going to be such a useful tool for so many sax players!"

The Saxophonist Magazine also gave the Spit Sponge pad dryers an "Outstanding Product" rating.

During the last 12 months Key Leaves care products have won four Outstanding Product ratings from The Saxophonist Magazine and a Product of The Year for our flagship product.

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