Spit Sponge wins "Outstanding Product" rating from The Saxophonist Magazine

Spit Sponge wins "Outstanding Product" rating from The Saxophonist Magazine

The Saxophonist Magazine shared a detailed product review of Spit Sponge™ pad dryers for saxophone and woodwind. Spit Sponge won their OUTSTANDING PRODUCT rating! 

"It's a really neat idea" said saxophonist and editor of The Saxophonist Magazine, Paul Haar, who tested the Spit Sponge. "[Spit Sponge] is a wonderful way if after swabbing your saxophone you're still gonna have little puddles that pool on your tone holes. This is wonderful." I found [the woodwind size] to be excellent for soprano saxophone."

"It's really nice. It gets into the G# areas quite well."

"This thing is wonderful! Between the GapCap, Spit Sponge and of course the Key Leaves [sax key props], these are three inexpensive products that are going to extend the life of your saxophone."

The Saxophonist Magazine also reviewed the GapCap saxophone end cap and gave it an "Outstanding Product" rating.

During the last 12 months Key Leaves care products have won four Outstanding Product ratings from The Saxophonist Magazine and a Product of The Year for our flagship product.

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