Key Leaves wins Product Excellence Award 2019 from Music Inc. magazine

Key Leaves wins Product Excellence Award 2019 from Music Inc. magazine

Music Inc. Magazine recommends Key Leaves saxophone care products to fix sticky Sol Sharp, Do Sharp and Mi Flat key pads.We are thrilled to announce Key Leaves has won a prestigious ‘Product Excellence’ award from Music Inc. magazine, a leading trade publications for the music products industry. 

Each year Music Inc. surveys hundreds of retailers and suppliers looking for the companies that innovated and expanded the industry during the past twelve months. This year only 20 products, 10 suppliers, and 10 retailers were chosen for the honor.

Key Leaves protects saxophones from water damage by leaving keys open to dry after play sessions. “This product is highly effective and well thought out. [It’s] a great advancement for the saxophone world.” said one voter from the Music Inc. survey.

“I couldn’t be happier!” exclaimed Key Leaves President, Rulon Brown. “We opened Key Leaves less than two years ago and it’s stunning to see our brand honored alongside mega-brands like Yamaha, Fender and Casio.”

Winning manufacturers receive a ‘Product Excellence’ award from Music Inc. magazine and the satisfaction of being honored as one of the musical instrument industry’s finest brands and products.

We first introduced the Key Leaves product line of bright green leaf-shaped saxophone care products at the International Saxophone Symposium in January 2018. Key Leaves products prevent sticky key malfunction by leaving instrument keys open to dry after you play. That simple, natural approach proved effective and earned praise from elite players, repair techs and teachers. We are deeply honored to receive this award from Music Inc. magazine.

Music Inc. magazine gave Key Leaves the 2019 product excellence award because Key Leaves fixes sticky saxophone key pads including G sharp, E flat, and low C sharp.
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