Bari Saxophone Products by Key Leaves

Protect your baritone saxophone from sticky G# and pad rot. Use Key Leaves saxophone care products for a cleaner, healthy and better playing bari saxophone. No more sticky rotten sax pads!

Key Leaves - The Best Way to Stop Sticky Bari Saxophone Pads

Key Leaves saxophone care product stop sticking saxophone key pads by propping open key arms so pad leather air dry. How to fix sticky G#, G sharp, Eb, E flat, C#, C sharp.

Key Leaves sax key props

Spit Sponge™ sax size pad dryer protects saxophone pads by drying pad leather rot and tone holes so the sax is cleaner and drier. The top is soft and super absorbent and the bottom is laser textured to grab and remove sticky gunk on the saxophone

Spit Sponge™ - Saxophone Size Pad Dryer

Stickers for your saxophone case also stickers for band music folder, laptop sticker, phone sticker, music stickers, swag


Bari Sax Silk Swab - Hodge

Bari Sax Silk Swab - Hodge

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