RULON saxophone rest maximizes comfort for all hand sizes

RULON saxophone rest maximizes comfort for all hand sizes

For 175 years saxophone players have been hooked on a way of holding their horn using a thumb hook, until today. Key Leaves launched the RULON saxophone rest - a compact, easy-to-use ergonomic device to replace the saxophone thumb hook, reduce pain from playing, and make saxes easier to hold for a variety of hands; especially small children and women who are often overlooked in saxophone design.

RULON ergonomic saxophone thumb rest comes in gold, carbon fiber, plastic, or wood. It helps reduce pain and discomfort while playing saxophone.

The RULON saxophone rest is available in three stylish finishes including 24 karat gold plate, ultra lightweight carbon fiber, and black plastic, or a wood trial version

The RULON saxophone rest reduces hand stress and fatigue by replacing the traditional right thumb hook with a hookless rest plate that adjusts to meet any grip size. This promotes a neutral and relaxed hand position, improving technique and reducing risk of injury and pain.

Designed by saxophonist and Key Leaves Founder, Rulon Brown, the RULON saxophone rest was inspired by his own thumb pain.

“I’m in my 40’s now and was having bad swelling thumb pain while playing tenor sax,” notes Rulon Brown. During a gig it got so bad I unscrewed my sax thumb hook for any relief I could get. The next day I got busy crafting something to serve hands more comfortably.” 

A natural hold without the saxophone thumb hook

The patent pending RULON saxophone rest replaces cramped right thumb hooks of the past, and screw mounts quickly onto the sax. Players can adjust it left for large grips or right for small grips. The adjustment field is so big your thumb can rest anywhere you wish below the side F# key - radical adjustability versus traditional sax hooks.

The carbon fiber RULON saxophone thumb rest fanned out on a tenor saxophone.

The RULON saxophone rest can be adjusted without a screw driver.

Travel Screwdriver for Woodwind Instruments

Or use our new Travel Screwdriver with Magnet Mount can also be used for quick adjustments.

The RULON saxophone rest bridges a gender gap in sax ergonomics

During design research interviews, many female saxophonists noted their index fingers and pinky fingers are shorter than the average male hand, causing women to struggle for a relaxed grip of the horn. Sax keys touches aren’t adjustable and traditional thumb hooks forced their smaller hands into awkward posture. 

Saxophonist Alexia McLean uses the RULON sax rest to reduce wrist and hand pain while playing and help her smaller female hands reach the saxophone keys comfortably.

“I can easily reach my low C now, despite having small hands!  My right hand tends to go stiff when playing tenor sax but the RULON rest eliminated all tension issues.” - remarked Alexia McLean, a 5’2” tall female saxophonist and educator based in New York. “We ladies naturally have shorter arms and a different hand shape than men, so playing tenor and bari sax can be a big stretch. The RULON rest makes all my saxes easier to hold and that makes everything easier to play.”

A relaxed hand and loose wrist plays saxophone more easily

The RULON saxophone rest is an ergonomic update on tradition. Unlike clarinet thumb rests, saxophone thumb hooks don’t hold up the instrument weight - we use neck straps for that. Unless you do acrobatics while playing sax, you don’t need a thumb hook. You simply balance the horn between your mouth and two thumbs while the neck strap holds the weight. The RULON saxophone rest is massively adjustable to help you find a natural wrist rotation and hookless hold.

Saxophone teacher Dr. Kendra Wheeler recommends using the RULON saxophone thumb rest to promote healthy posture and prevent thumb pain and wrist pain.“Using the RULON saxophone rest immediately felt natural. My right hand feels free to move and free of tension,” said saxophonist and educator Dr. Kendra Wheeler of Central Washington University. 

Every saxophone player needs this and can afford to try it

A wood trial version of the RULON saxophone thumb rest to help prevent thumb pain and wrist discomfort while playing sax.A healthy hold of your saxophone is so important, Key Leaves and Rulon Brown offer a wood trial version of the RULON sax rest for only $2. Anyone can enjoy a more comfortable sax playing experience.

Key Leaves is dedicated to providing high-quality instrument accessories that enhance the playing experience for musicians of all levels. Don't let pain from uncomfortable thumb hooks or awkward reaches stop your music - get comfortable and play with the RULON saxophone rest.

See how to install and use the RULON ergonomic saxophone rest on your sax. 

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