StickFree Saxophone Prop Care and Cleaning Products

StickFree saxophone products are illegal, low-quality fakes of our genuine Key Leaves sax care products. Criminals and scammers steal everything they can from authentic family businesses like ours. StickFree illegally uses our registered brand names and trademarks, they steal our copyright protected videos and images, and these gangs of fakers even use our website product guarantee language!

Key Leaves works hard to innovate and bring you powerful products you can trust. Don't let these fake makers steal that from you.

You can help stop them!

  • Flag and report ads, videos and images showing fake products when they show up on your social media or web searches. You don't have to tolerate ads from criminals making garbage fakes.
  • Tells us so we can work with the FBI and other authorities to stop these crooks. Report Fakes
  • Tell Facebook, Instagram, Google and eBay to block the fakes. These mega companies make billions of dollars from ad money they collect from professional counterfeit rings they know are stealing from legal business. We will do all we can to report the abuse to these multi-billion dollar companies running the sites but it's their job to do something about it.
  • Support original and genuine products.