Shawna Glendenning

Band instrument repair tech Shawna Glendenning holding an alto saxophone"I receive nothing but positive feedback from customers on how well Key Leaves products work! Their G# and Eb pads are much less sticky, and the Eb pad ends up needing to be replaced less frequently. I will continue to recommend them to everyone who passes through my shop for repair."

- Shawna Glendenning (Owner - Shawna's Woodwind Shop) 

Owner of Shawna’s Woodwind Shop located in Greeley, Colorado, Shawna Glendenning offers the highest quality saxophone and clarinet repair plus vintage and restored instrument sales. Shawna has 18+ years of experience as a saxophone repair specialist and worked at Sax Alley from 2004 through 2022. In addition to her sax work, she spent time shadowing clarinet repair specialist Steve Harris of Arvada, CO. Shawna is also Straubinger certified for both flute and clarinet overhauls.

Shawna Glendenning received a bachelor’s degree in clarinet performance from the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) where she studied with Bil Jackson and played alto sax in UNC’s top two jazz lab bands while earning her degree. Her musical experience makes her a better technician and being able to play at professional levels helps her trouble shoot many complex repair issues.