Scott Paddock


"Key Leaves are a very simple solution to this universal sticky G# problem. I use them everyday. I highly recommend them."
- Scott Paddock

With a fresh new perspective on contemporary jazz, Scott Paddock has redefined the sound of the modern saxophonist. His soulful combination of jazz and funk create an explosion of high energy grooves that will make you fall in love with the saxophone all over again.

Scott’s resume covers the musical gamut of performance, often times pushing the perceived limits of the saxophone into unchartered territory. His signature sound could best be described as an aggressively articulated, overtone infused, high energy funk style that is on full display in his original projects.  Scott leads a contemporary jazz group, is in high demand as a sideman in the Baltimore/DC area, and has been onstage with everything from rock bands & DJs to symphonies.

Scott contemporary jazz CDs have received national airplay and positive reviews in publications such as “Jazz Times.” Another Day and From Within are available on iTunes and at live performances.  

Scott’s, latest musical offering includes a lush atmospheric electronic project called, Saxotronic, that pairs the saxophone with chilled out, down-tempo EDM grooves, beats, loops, and samples.  New tracks from this project will be released on a monthly basis on YouTube.

In addition to his original projects, Scott has also spent a lot of time in the recording studio doing sessions for major movie and television productions.  Scott’s saxophone playing can be heard in: The Help, Bones, Disney’s Monsters Inc, Friday Night Lights, Family Feud, Without A Trace, What Not To Wear, Scrubs, as well as projects for Oliver Stone and Rob Zombie.  For a full list of recording session credits click here.

A brief credit list for Scott includes performances with: Bela’ Fleck, Bootsy Collins, Warren Haynes, Lenny Pickett, Jackson Browne, and the Maryland Symphony;  as well as performing as an opening act for Ray Charles, Natalie Cole, and Gladys Knight.  For a full list of performance credits click here.

Scott is constantly adding new content to his social media platforms.  Stop by his Instagram and YouTube pages to hear frequent releases of new original music, tips and tricks for the saxophone, modern and classic covers, and full on funk jams.