Saxophone Lessons

Beginning Topics:

PRINT THIS Saxophone Fingering Chart (beginning)

  • Putting together the sax, reed, mouthpiece, etc.
  • How to swab and clean your saxophone
  • Adjusting the sax & neck strap for comfort & control
  • Suction test of reed & mouthpiece
  • Making your first sounds
  • Mouth shape (embouchure)
  • Tongue & articulation technique
  • Power breathing (diaphragm breathing)

We love the Arm Field Band. This is a very detailed introduction!

Intermediate & Advanced Topics:

Pitch Bend and Vibrato
Rulon Brown shares his “Wah Wah” sax exercise to improve tone, flexibility, vibrato, scoops, bends, falls and more.

The best Altissimo Fingering chart for saxophone

Marc Russo is an AWESOME and definitely one of our favorite sax heroes.  Check out what Marc has to say about overtones, altissimo, growling and more.

Excellent video series by Harvey Pittel about the saxophone teachings of Joe Allard. Allard deeply inspired use as sax players and we think every serious student should at least be familiar with the Joe Allard approach to the saxophone.