Sam Gucwa

Sam Gucwa playing alto saxophone
"My right hand has so much more flexibility that I can actually reach side E without having to completely take my hand off the keys. I'm so mush more efficient, I love the RULON sax rest, you should try it." - Sam Gucwa (Saxophonist, Woodwinds, Educator)

Sam Gucwa is a saxophonist and woodwind doubler known for her bold bandleading and inventive solos across multiple music genres. 

Raised in the Chicago suburbs, Sam developed her musical personality performing in Denver, CO; playing saxophone and clarinet in trombonist Stafford Hunter’s Young Lions residency series, baritone sax with the Boulder Philharmonic, and writing unique instrumental features for indie rock band Bleak Mystique. 

Sam is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Music degree at Michigan State University, studying under tenor saxophonist Walter Blanding. She is a resident artist in the Carr Center’s Gathering Orchestra, directed by bassist Rodney Whitaker. Sam regularly performs with bass trombonist Chris Glassman, and was recently featured as a guest artist for bandleader of the Verve Pipe, Brian Vander Ark. 

Sam has a passion for creating social media content that shares the fun and work of being a jazz musician, with the intention of building virtual communities that pave the way for social change. Jazz music is a model for inclusion and a powerful tool for bringing people together. @sams_saxophone content seeks to demystify the musician’s process and engage audiences at all musical levels so that everyone can engage with jazz music.