Pedro Julio Aviles

Pedro Aviles is a Key Leaves Saxophone Artist in Cuba. He proudly endorses the Key Leaves care products."Simply fantastic! Every day I use it in my saxophones. We really needed this kind of accessory... Thank you, thank you!"  - Pedro Julio Aviles González (Cuban Saxophone Soloist)

Pedro Julio Aviles González was born in Holguín, Cuba, on January 1, 1971, into a musical family. His grandfather was a saxophonist and conductor of the Aviles orchestra, and his father a great saxophonist from Cuba. From a very young age he began studying music theory, music theory and piano, soon after he decided on the saxophone. In 1989 he graduated from the Professional School of Music of Cuba, under the tutelage of maestro Alejandro Granado. He began working as a soloist in the Holguín Chamber Orchestra, then with the great Grupo Arara, he is also part of the Caribe Nibor Group, with which, in 1992, he made an artistic tour of Spain. He also works with great musicians such as the singer Lucrecia and the Latin Band Colora.

Back in Cuba he formed his own band called Nueva Ola. Since 2001 he lives in Mexico City, where in addition to teaching classes he has participated in jazz, salsa, rock and fusion musical projects, he became the darling of singers like Emmanuel and Mijares, who have him as head musician in their concerts and collaborates with artists of the stature of Rio Roma, Ricardo Montaner, Ernesto D'Alessio, Gabriel Hernández, Caribe Sound, Yuri, Franco de Vita, Iraida Noriega, Amaury Gutiérrez, Chucho Valdés and el Cigala, and alternating with talented musicians such as: Jorge Brauet, Julio Quevedo, Alfredo Pino, Rey David Alejandre, Gerry López, Francisco Larrea, Ricardo and Roberto Benitez, Pepe Hernández, Leo Corona, Jako González, Betuco, Joao Henrique, Feliz Betancourt, Miguel Valdés, Osmany Paredes, Alejandro Guardiola, Hilario Bell Rodríguez, Bárbaro Pérez, Elvis Crespo, Olga Tañón, El Duo Lou, Carlos Cuevas, Ezequiel Miranda, Luri Molina, Giovanni Figueroa, Jean Paul Bideau, Alex Gómez, among others.

“In the last twenty years of my life, one day I am in Miami and the next in Monterrey; now I am in Mexico and tomorrow I travel to Chiapas. I have discovered that when you are a foreigner, you become a citizen of the world and music becomes your home. That is why I feel that I belong everywhere, "he explains when presenting" Cuban Longing ", which curiously is a theme with which he tries to recover a patriotic feeling. "It is the tribute I make to the history of my family of musicians and the songs with which they raised me."

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