Michelle Tolentino

Oboe player Michelle Tolentino uses Key Leaves oboe key props to prevent sticky keys and wood cracks

"The Oboe Key Leaves are great! It fits on and gently holds the keys open. Oboe players have enough to worry about, especially now as the temps are constantly changing. It's really nice to know that the pads and keyholes are able to air dry with less of a chance of sticky keys. There is no surprise quite like the wrong pitch coming out during a solo because a pad is stuck! It's one less thing to worry about. :) Thanks Key Leaves!"  - Michelle Tolentino (Oboist, Educator, Program Director -New Jersey Intergenerational Orchestra

Michelle Tolentino plays oboe, oboe d’amore, and English Horn in the tri-state area. She has played in the Adelphi Orchestra and the Freelance Ensemble Artists Orchestra. She has also participated in the August Symphony, Summit Symphony, and the South Orange Symphony. Michelle was the principal oboist for the Crescent Choral Society production of Haydn’s Paukenmesse Mass and has been the oboist for the Manasquan Presbyterian Church and St. Mary’s Chamber Orchestra. Michelle has studied with Meredyth Coleman, Marsha Heller, and Humbert Lucarelli and has participated in masterclasses with Humbert Lucarelli and Marion Kuszyk. In 2019, Michelle Founded the Park Chamber Society. With this organization, Michelle organizes and plays oboe with a variety of chamber ensembles. These groups perform for audiences while also showcasing a variety of art media in connection with the music. Most notably was an event titled the French Soiree which featured the Onslow Nonette. In June 2021, Michelle became the Program Director for the New Jersey Intergenerational Orchestra, a group with which she held the oboe chair since 2016 . Michelle’s freelance playing experience includes orchestras, pops orchestras, chamber groups, recitals, and church services. In addition, she has an active music studio for piano and oboe students.