Elizabeth Rosinbum

"Life is too short and the stage is too important to risk sticky keys. I use and recommend these to all my students."  - Elizabeth Rosinbum (Saxophone Soloist, Concordia University)

Elizabeth Rosinbum maintains a multi-dimensional career as an educator, performer, clinician, and speaker. She is Adjunct Faculty in Fine Arts at Concordia University and maintains a select private studio in one of the most competitive districts in central Texas. The first ever saxophonist to be hired as a D'Addario Woodwinds Method clinician, Elizabeth has given hundreds of educational masterclasses and supervises other clinicians.

Saxophone player Elizabeth Rosinbum holding a tenor saxophone with green Key Leaves sax key props on it.

Elizabeth has commissioned and premiered works for saxophone throughout the United States and Europe as a soloist and chamber musician, and currently serves on the board of the Austin Saxophone Ensemble. A gifted speaker, she has lectured at several universities throughout the United States and abroad on woodwind pedagogy, entrepreneurship, performance psychology, and career strategies and business skills.