Edgar Guadiana


"I always recommend [Key Leaves] to everyone. ” - Edgar Guadiana (Saxophonist & Repair Tech at Long Beach Woodwinds)

Edgar Guadiana, was raised by two immigrant parents who taught him to appreciate all the opportunities that may come across his path. And that’s exactly what he did when he received his first saxophone at the age of ten.

Even with a classical background, he has shred the stage with great names in Jazz such as Joe LaBarbera, Doc Sevrensin, and Calixto Oviedo. He has also been an on call musician for great rock/pop groups like Sadgirl, Tijuana Panthers, Big Jay Mcneely, Goldfinger, Tim Armstrong, and has been touring the world with Satanic Doo-Wop group, Twin Temple.

Aside from being a freelance musician, He has been a reputable woodwind technician for Long Beach Woodwinds where he has repaired for such distinguished players as Sal Lazano, Rusty Higgins, Brandon Fields, and Plas Johnson.

Through his artistic endeavors, he has released a solo EP, Gasoline Daydreams, consisting of a concoction of avant-garde jazz and punk elements. He currently performs under his stage name, Ded Mutt.

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