Why Key Leaves Vent Vine™ is better for your sax than an end plug

We got creative with dry ice vapor to compare Key Leaves Vent Vine™ with the good ol' plastic end cap (or end plug). Our patents pending Vent Vine™ opens the high saxophone keys open without touching the leather. And our Vent Cap™ allows massive airflow through the sax body, decreasing metal corrosion and rot. But enough talk...

See For Yourself!

Key Leaves Vent Vine™ vents your sax to dry clean!

Custom fit to your unique alto or tenor saxophone.

Vent Vine works without touching the delicate pad leather. 

Key Leaves Vent Vine leaves keys open to dry clean and works safely without touching pad leather

It takes about 20 seconds to install but adds years to the life of your delicate high palm key pads. Here is a slower-action demo to show how each leaf prop centers down onto the tone hole and presses the resonator open without touching leather.