Rulon Brown holding a Mark VI alto saxophone in his hand

FREE SAXOPHONE LECTURE - Pain Free Playing and Modern Sax Ergonomics

Playing sax can be a pain in the neck, or the thumbs, wrists, back, jaw, teeth, and more depending on your age or body. Join saxophonist and inventor, Rulon Brown, for a humor-filled dive into his research about the sax/body connection. Enjoy trivia, prizes, hands-on demos, and learn how you can prevent and reduce pain. We will also explore powerful new ways to make saxophone more accessible for women, children and the elderly.

Rulon will also announce an ambitious community-wide initiative to expand early learning of the saxophone. The initiative welcomes saxophonists, teachers, composers and repair techs to take part!

4 pm EST, January 13, 2023
NAVY International Saxophone Symposium
George Mason University, Delaski Building, Room MTB 2013

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