New Oboe Care Product from Key Leaves

New Oboe Care Product from Key Leaves

Rosewood oboe top joint using Key Leaves key props to prevent wood crack and sticky pads

Key Leaves branches out to oboe and thrills Principal Oboist of The Metropolitan Opera
Innovative new oboe cleaner helps prevent wood cracks and sticky pads.

SEATTLE, February 1, 2022 — The Seattle-based woodwind accessory maker Key Leaves became a success in the saxophone world for curing sticky key pads that cause play malfunction. Now Key Leaves is using their patented approach to help oboists, and has earned a powerhouse endorsement from Elaine Douvas - Principal Oboe of The Metropolitan Opera and Oboe Professor at The Juilliard School.

The new Key Leaves oboe care product [see video of the product in action and the product listing] adapts to serve any model oboe and features soft rubber props that safely open C, Bb, plus two high Trill Keys so the pads air dry. Helping the oboe air dry keeps the body bore cleaner and less prone to cracking, a perennial problem for oboists. Leaving keys open to dry also helps prevent sticky buildup under pads that cause annoying pad noise or key malfunction.

Oboe virtuoso and master oboe teacher Elaine Douvas holding her oboe

“I had not heard of Key Leaves until a saxophonist colleague asked if I would be willing to test the Key Leaves oboe prototype,” remarked Elaine Douvas. “I was quickly impressed with how well it worked and adapts to my oboes. They work perfectly to prop open the keys so they air dry. Swabs miss condensation inside tone holes so I am delighted Key Leaves keeps my oboes clean, dry and safe from cracking. I also like that the bright green color means they will not be easily lost on stage or inside an instrument case.”

“We worked hard to refine this oboe product so it is effective and easy to use,” said Key Leaves founder Rulon Brown, who got his start repairing instruments at his local music store. “I jumped out of my chair when Elaine said this was something she was eager to share with her students and fellow virtuosos. Elaine is truly one of the most beloved oboists and educators alive. When Key Leaves earned her seal of approval I knew we were offering a world-class oboe care product.”

Key Leaves oboe key props are made in the USA, priced less than one oboe reed, backed by a lifetime guarantee, and help prevent water damage and sticking key malfunction. That helps to improve playability, lower repair cost, and reduce health risks from moldy rotten pads.  

About Key Leaves
KEY LEAVES is a Seattle-based family business specializing in woodwind care products. Their flagship products stops sticky key malfunction by leaving keys open to dry clean. Key Leaves is the brainchild of Seattle sax player and repair tech Rulon Brown. Before moving to Seattle and becoming a professional musician, Rulon grew up fixing woodwinds at The Horn Doctor music store in Alaska. Like all sax players, he ran into the problem of sticky saxophone key pads that cause playing malfunction and costly repair. “I got so tired of seeing fellow players struggle with this problem. I knew there had to be a way to fix it.” said Rulon. Learn more about Key Leaves and Rulon at

About Elaine Douvas
ELAINE DOUVAS is an institution in the oboe world, having served as principal oboe of the Metropolitan Opera since 1977 and oboe instructor at The Juilliard School since 1982.  She has been an artist/faculty member of the Aspen Music Festival and School since 1997 and also teaches at Mannes College of Music and at the Bard College Conservatory of Music.  Among her career highlights, Ms. Douvas has performed the Strauss Oboe Concerto with the MET Orchestra in Carnegie Hall, James Levine conducting, and Dutilleux’s “Les Citations” with the MET Chamber Ensemble.  During her long career at the Met, she has participated in hundreds of live broadcasts, DVDs, and studio recordings. Learn more about her at



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