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NASA 2020

A pile of rotten saxophone pads. These pads were the result of lack of care towards the instrument, without Key Leaves.

Join saxophonist and Key Leaves founder, Rulon Brown, for the NASA Saxophone Alliance 2020 presentation - The Most Disgusting Science Every Sax Player Should Know

Saturday, March 7, 2020 8:00 AM in Room: W 218

Rulon Brown will share laughter, horror and video from his year-long study of saxophone pad rot. With the help of a food scientist and two brand new Selmer® saxophones, Rulon conducted a disgusting field test playing both horns without cleaning them for a year. Yuck! This torture test helped him learn how sticky pads evolve and find better ways to care for your sax. Expect tips and tricks to keep your horn healthy and add years to the life of your saxophone.

Laugh, win prizes, and see the world's first time-lapse video of leather pad rot - Yuck!

Rulon Brown is a musician and visual artist who grew up fixing saxes at his local music store. Like all sax players, he ran into the problem of sticky key pads that cause frustrating play malfunction. After years of research, he created Key Leaves to leave keys open to dry clean. These award winning care products work naturally to totally eliminate severe key stick malfunction.

Rulon's recent artist work includes a avant-rock live band album; a solo album created while traveling North and Central America; an interactive museum installation inspired by The American Dream; an art puzzle with each piece embedded with hidden music and film; a CD of world-rhythm improv to 19th Century Christian hymns; headlining the Nicaragua International Jazz Festival; and a U.S. State Department sponsored artist residency at a cultural institute in Granada, Nicaragua.

Also visit the Key Leaves booth at the Saxophone Alliance Biennial to try all our latest products including the GapCap, Spit Sponge and more. 

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