Key Leaves is going to NAPBIRT 2020 in Sacramento!

Key Leaves is going to NAPBIRT 2020 in Sacramento!

Meet Key Leaves founder Rulon Brown at NAPBIRT in Sacramento this April to learn how Key Leaves helps grow your business, build client trust, and provide primo instrument care. Also check out our NAPBIRT Specials (details below).



e Most Disgusting Science Every Repair Tech Should Know"

Rulon Brown will share a clinic about the research he did into how saxophone pad rot and key sticking develops and what you can do to prevent sticky pads.TWO CLINICS
1 PM and 3:30 PM
Sunday, 4/19, 2020

Join saxophonist, repair tech and inventor, Rulon Brown, in two NAPBIRT clinics as he shares laughter, horror and video from his year-long study of pad rot. With the help of a food scientist, Rulon conducted a torture test of brand new Selmer saxophones to learn more about how sticky rotten pads evolve and how to prevent them. Discover the latest tech in woodwind pad care, win prizes and see the world's first time-lapse video of leather pad rot - Yuck! 



Place your first New Dealer order of $300+ and receive complimentary display product, display signage, swag stickers, plus 25 Spit Sponge pad dryers. Yep! Pay $300 and we welcome you to the Key Leaves family with great sales support and an additional $150+ of retail product you can sell at 100% margin. Orders must be placed during the conference before April 21st.

Get free co-branding to feature your store name directly on the product when you order 125 or more Key Leaves saxophone key props for your store. This is great marketing for your store because saxophone players see and touch the Key Leaves product 2X every time they play their sax. Orders must be placed during the conference before April 21st.


GapCap is the best saxophone end cap or end plug becuase it fits every saxophone case and every saxophone and helps the sax vent dry.GapCap™ is THE ULTIMATE SAX CARE CAP. Rated "Outstanding Product" by The Saxophonist Magazine, GapCap™ is receiving rave reviews from techs, teachers and pros including Greg Fishman.

Don't risk your saxophones with loose fitting end plugs, end caps and sax cases. GapCap™ flexes to fit your sax perfectly, screw adjusts to fit your case, shock absorbs impact, and vents air through the top and side for a cleaner saxophone and longer pad life.

Refreshingly honest and playfully bright, Spit Sponge™ pad dryers are ultra absorbent on the top and micro-textured on the bottom to keep pads and tone holes dry and clean. We designed this super absorbent fabric to be thin enough to serve the tightest oboe pads and absorbent enough for the drippiest tenor sax. Both the saxophone and woodwind size Spit Sponge pad dryers won "Outstanding Product" ratings from The Saxophonist Magazine.

Our custom fit soprano product is now available as a shelf-ready kit that techs or players can use on any make or model of soprano saxophone they play - curved, straight, vintage or modern! 

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