#LockTheSaxDown Challenge for Saxophonists

#LockTheSaxDown Challenge for Saxophonists

Key Leaves is proud to support endorsing artist Emma McPhilemy and the #lockthesaxdown challenge. #lockthesaxdown invites sax players from around the world to play new music, share recordings, win prizes, and stay inspired during the Covid-19 lockdown.

What is #LockTheSaxDown? 

During Covid-19 lockdown 2020, Emma McPhilemy (saxophonist  and Key Leaves Artist) and Jenni Watson (composer / saxophonist) discussed how the pandemic was affecting musicians, their motivation, creativity and passion. Emma and Jenni wanted to use the lockdown time to help other saxophonists struggling with quarantine isolation. So the duo started creating new music, audio backing tracks and their social media challenge to inspire sax players. #lockthesaxdown was born!

Here's a sample of one of the many pieces you can download and play

How does it work? Each week a 1 minute extract of Jenni’s music for saxophone is shared as a free download (saxophone sheet music, audio backing track, and a performance demo video from by Emma McPhilemy). Each piece of music has a slightly different style for sax players to use as a challenging practice tool. 

Emma also shares saxophone technical help videos related to the pieces of music on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

Musicians around the world can participate by sharing a short video of their performance on their social media pages using our hashtag #lockthesaxdown. This effort is inspiring an amazing community of international saxophonists with a shared focus on supporting one another during this difficult time.

Special Prize Drawings for Participants!

On Thursday, August 20, the new music to be release is actually called 'Leaves' so it ties in nicely with the prize giveaway - one of everything Key Leaves makes for alto or tenor saxophone! Prize drawing will be announced Sunday, September 6th.

How to get involved?  Visit the JenniWatson.com website for all the downloads and instructions for sharing and entering to win.

How does this benefit other Saxophonists? Having a backing track has helped players enjoy their practice sessions by working on areas of technique within the context of lyrical music-making, rather than purely isolated solo practice.

What’s next? The response to this series has been exceptionally positive so Emma and Jenni are recording a high quality, artistic album, featuring all the current works from the #lockthesaxdown challenge series and more. Join the Kickstarter Campaign to support this effort and enjoy the various rewards being offered! 

Stats so far: 120 participant uploads 100k+ views 13 countries

Emma McPhilemy started the #LockTheSaxDown challenge to inspire sax players around the world during Covid-19 lockdown quarantines"Working on the project has provided a really positive, forward-looking drive for us both as artists, and through quotes and feedback from our community of players, it is clear that saxophonists at such varied stages of their careers have found motivation and joy in this music and in taking part in the series," shared Emma McPhilemy. "The response has been overwhelming, and has led to exciting connections and the beginnings of future collaborative projects. Jenni and I are elated to have provided some focus, inspiration and a positive, musical community for saxophonists during a time where live performance and chamber music hasn’t been possible. Thank you to everyone who has been involved so far. Your enthusiasm for the music and the project has motivated us to keep expanding and progressing with the idea!"

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