Key Leaves - Small Good That Packs a Punch!

Key Leaves - Small Good That Packs a Punch!

Music Trades magazine June 2019 recommends Key Leaves sax care products to stop sticking sax pads and fix sticky G#, Eb and C# keys.

Music Trades magazine
, June, 2019, features music products that are small but powerful and Key Leaves saxophone key props received a shout out from Ken Partyka of Quinlan & Fabish Music Company. "Smartly made, [Key Leaves sax key props are] designed to help extend the life of some key pads on the saxophone that are prone to moisture damage." Read the feature HERE.

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FUN SIDE NOTE: If you look close at the photo used in this mention, it shows one of our first co-branded products featuring Alaska Music & Sound - the music store where Key Leaves founder Rulon Brown first studied saxophone repair as an apprentice to master repairman, John Kagerer.

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