Hey Y’all! Key Leaves is going to TMEA 2018

Hey Y’all! Key Leaves is going to TMEA 2018

Join Key Leaves February 14 - 17  at the TMEA Clinic/Convention

Booth #689 in Halls 1 & 2

San Antonio, Texas

Bring your saxophone to booth #689 for hands on demos and see for yourself how Key Leaves help stop sticky sax pads, reduce repair, and keep horns healthy. Teachers love Key Leaves sax care products because they are powerful enough for a pro yet simple enough for a beginner. By simply leaving keys open to dry clean, you prevent sticky pad rot and reduce costly repair. It's fast, natural care to stop horn rot and keep kids playing!

For Teachers & Schools

For Student Sax Players

  • Exclusive Discounts on Key Leaves custom-fit products including Vent Vine.
  • Try Key Leaves sax products on your unique horn before you buy.
  • Gear up so you can sound your best and trust you sax to play great.
  • Stickers! Because every good sticker deserves a sax case home.

About TMEA Clinic/Conference

The annual TMEA conference is a four day clinic that provides opportunities for professional development, inspiration, networking and the best buys the music industry has to offer. The conference is a great opportunity to develop your craft as a musical educator and will bring people from all over the world. In addition to attending clinics and classes  and many networking opportunities, there will be performances from musicians from the state of Texas.
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