Christian McBride Big Band Sax Section Recommends Key Leaves

Christian McBride Big Band Sax Section Recommends Key Leaves

Jazz fans know that the Christian McBride Big Band is an outstanding ensemble making some of the hardest swinging music out there. If you haven't had a chance yet to check out their music, do yourself a favor and see what they are cookin' up.

Key Leaves is deeply honored to announce that the whole saxophone section of the Christian McBride Big Band uses and recommends Key Leaves sax care products. They trust Key Leaves to keep their sax cleaner, healthier, and prevent the sax pads from sticking in the middle of a jam.

Thank you Christian McBride Big Band saxophone section, for trusting Key Leaves to help you take the stage trusting you saxophones! We also want to give a special thanks to Ron Blake (shown center of photo below) who was an early power user of our products and shared the Key Leaves love with his fellow bandmates. The world is a better sounding place when we help each other out in the section. Thanks, Ron!

Christian McBride Big Band Saxophone Section Recommends Key Leaves Key Props
Photo at Dizzy's Club, June 2019. L to R: Dan Pratt, Carl Maraghi, Ron Blake, Lakecia Benjamin (subbing but also a Key Leaves endorser), and Todd Bashore. Not present is section leader, Steve Wilson. 
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