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NAMM 2019 Best. Saxophone. Website. Ever. loves Key Leaves saxophone key props


We are honored to be included in this year's NAMM Saxophone Gear Roundup by Best. Saxophone. Website. Ever.!

Zachary Sollitto saxophonist and author recommends Key Leaves saxophone key propsBSWE author Zach Sollitto scoured the seemingly endless array of saxophones and sax gear to create a "best of" highlights review to feature his recommendations. 

Zach tried our Key Leaves sax key props and said, "My G# and low C# keys which typically stick no longer do. I find the Key Leaves product is easy to put on as well as remove and is quite customizable whether you are using it with a modern or vintage saxophone. If you want to prevent your G#, Eb, and low C# pads from sticking, I would recommend using the Key Leaves product."

Thanks to Zack and BSWE for bringing forward some of the most noteworthy and quality products shaping the saxophone industry.



Please visit for many more great articles, tips and videos and we hope to see them again at NAMM 2020!

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