recommends GapCap and Spit Sponge recommends GapCap and Spit Sponge

Saxophone product reviewer Zachary Sollitto says the GapCap and Spit Sponge are great saxophone productsZach Sollitto of reviewed our new GapCap (the ultimate saxophone end cap) and Spit Sponge pad dryers and gave both products high praise.

"[Spit Sponge pad dryer] is a great product for keeping your pads dry as well as tone-holes clean to further prevent your pads from sticking."

"The GapCap is a great solution for those players who like their current saxophone case but have realized that their saxophone or case is not a perfect fit. The GapCap will prevent your saxophone from moving around in the case, which many times is where damage will occur. In addition, if you ever switch horns or purchase another saxophone, the GapCap will assist with making your new saxophone a more secure fit."

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