Field Tested, Proven Results

Two identical saxophones…

200 hours of play each…

No swab cleaning…

Eat during play…

For 12 months…

We had to know how our products work in horrible conditions. So we torture tested two brand new Selmer® alto saxophones.

Testing how Key Leaves products work to stop sticky sax keys

Remember... These saxes were NOT cleaned for 365 days!

Sticky Rotten Eb Saxophone Key Pad
This sticky rotten Eb saxophone key pad grew black mold, green metal tarnish, and attracted dust, hair and debris.
The Eb key pad that Key Leaves left open to dry stayed clean, soft and healthy.
Compare High F sax tone hole dirty mold with sax cared for with Key Leaves Vent Vine
Yeast and mold grow inside the sax body and high F tone hole
Cleaner, healthier and less nasty.
Sax neck tube rot and corrosion
Mold and bio mass growing in the saxophone neck.
Much less was able to grow in the sax using our products.
Looking down bell of dirty saxophones
Looking down the bell, this sax attracted hair, lint, and debris.
Cleaner with less debris sticking to the body metal.

98% Fewer Stuck Pads with Key Leaves products!

This was a torture test...

Imagine Key Leaves + Swab Cleaning!