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Vegan Leather Saxophone Neck Strap - Shoulder Back Strap

Vegan Leather Saxophone Neck Strap - Shoulder Back Strap

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This saxophone neck strap is made for players seeking comfort and relief from neck pain. Unlike traditional saxophone straps, this "back strap" or "shoulder strap" design does not contact the neck. It shifts saxophone weight off the neck and onto the shoulders so your larger muscles and bones can hold the weight with less fatigue and discomfort.

The wide gold brass crossbar makes height adjustment easy while also widening the load to avoid neck cramps and muscle pinching. The shoulder straps can bend to fit your body for a most tailored comfort.

Beautifully handmade from black vegan leather with a locking metal buckle and scratch guard.

Key Features:

  • Black vegan leather
  • Locking metal buckle with scratch guard
  • Adjustable for all body types and all saxophones including soprano, alto, tenor, baritone saxophone
  • Double-stranded adjustment cord for heavy loads and rugged design
  • Double-layer threading hole for extra weight bearing
  • Can be stored in most saxophone bells
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