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Ever heard of the commons? It’s all the great stuff we share, like air, water, and a habitable earth. These resources are held in common, not owned privately. We take this truth to heart and our President even wrote a song about caring for the commons.

Because woodwind key pads are expensive, can’t be repaired, and are costly to replace, we are glad to be able to help musicians toss fewer pads on the trash heap. It’s a good day when we can help you sound your best, save our planet, and save $green$ along the way.

We care enough to:
  • Design for durability & washability for years of use and re-use.
  • Use sustainable or recyclable material in our products and packaging.
  • Recycle 99% of our scrap material. Ethical manufacturing is important to us and our scrap silicone is used to make industrial lubricants that other manufacturers need.
  • Research new methods for simpler, cleaner, more effective products.