Stop sticky saxophone pads
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"I use my set everyday and highly recommend them everywhere I go." - Timothy McAllister  Sax Virtuoso, PRISM Quartet, University of Michigan, Interlochen

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"It's a great product. I’ve been using the leaves on my horns. Works well!"
- Gerald Albright  Saxophonist & Acclaimed Recording Artist

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"I refuse to let sticky G# trip up my sound. Key Leaves keep my horns playing great."
- Ron Blake  SNL Band, Solo Artist, The Juilliard School, Christian McBride Big Band


"Key Leaves are simply a fantastic product and long overdue in our field! I use my set every day and I highly recommend them everywhere I go.”

Timothy McAllister - Soloist / PRISM / Interlochen Center for the Arts / Univ. of Michigan

"Vital product for saxophone players of all levels... increase the lifespan of your pads, avoid sticky keys, and enhance your saxophone's capability for fluid technique."

Steven Banks - Kenari Quartet & Conservatory of Music, Baldwin Wallace University

"I'm pleased with the Vent Vine and Key Leaves. My body chemistry has always been hard on my horns. I have learned over the years that I have to clean, oil and maintain my instrument more than most players in order to keep my horns in good playing conditions. These products have made my job easier. I'm thankful."

P. Manzell Bledsoe

"Loving my Key Leaves which proved my skepticism wrong."


"I have NEVER had a sticky key since I stared using them. love everything about Key Leaves!"

Jacob Peery